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Georges Marciano

Born on January 28, 1947 in French Algeria, Georges Marciano is an entrepreneur, fashion designer and philanthropist.

He is the founder of GUESS Inc. and was its design director from 1981 to 1993.

Since 2008, he is the owner of the LHotel Montreal located in the heart of the old city.

The influence of Marseille

Georges Marciano grew up in France on the cobblestone streets of Marseille where he spent part of his youth selling silk ties door-to-door. "I first sold ties in Marseille, then I realized I could find better materials and design my ties the way I liked them. It wasn't long before he opened his first store in France.

"Living in Marseille, I was always fascinated by the old goods that came from America. While everyone else was focused on haute couture, I was fascinated by the American fashion that was coming to Europe. "

This is how Georges Marciano was able to distinguish himself by being inspired by what was being done in America and also in Japan.

"I dream big and I am very passionate"

Georges Marciano admits that he is not a businessman, but rather a man of ideas and dreams: "I dream big and I am a very passionate person. I believe that having a passion or discovering a new one can heal and inspire a person.

Designing clothes is not just a job for him, it is the ability to express his passion. He draws his inspiration from the diversity of his cultural, personal experiences and the beauty of his years of travel around the world.

In 1981, Georges Marciano immigrated to Los Angeles with $5,000 in savings. He was convinced that his faded denim pants would revolutionize the industry. He was right. His label, GUESS, has become one of the most successful fashion labels of the past 30 years.

Montreal - A new source of inspiration

Wishing to reconnect with his roots and refocus on his passion for Jean, he sold his shares in the GUESS company to his brothers in 1993. Under the spell of the French-Canadian city of Montreal, he decided to settle down.

"What I love most is Old Montreal," he says of his new surroundings. "I love it because it reminds me of the good old days in Marseille. I think my presence here is the perfect time to launch my new line. The energy I feel in the city reminds me of my early days in France. "

In 2008, he became the owner of LHotel Montreal located in the heart of the old city. In a neo-renaissance style building, he exhibits his extraordinary art collection of nearly 250 pieces. This unique art gallery hotel includes works by Warhol, Lichtenstein, de Kooning, Robert Indiana, Motherwell, Christo, Miró, Chagall, Cesar, Botero,...